The Festival

Trallafitti 2020 is cancelled.

Unfortunately, in the light of the corona development we have to cancel this year’s Trallafitti Festival. Even if we were allowed to do a little festival in July, we think it would be irresponsible to do so without a vaccine being availabe.

Tickets that have been bought will of course be reimbursed.

We hope that we will be able to see each other and be back together again next year.

If there are any further questions, please let us know.


The Trallafitti Festival takes place on the Fellershof, a beautiful former farm in the German region “Bergisches Land,” between Wuppertal and Bochum. Since 2002, the farm is being restored in order to be used for social projects and as a place for good living. Surrounded by forests, grasslands and rivers, this special place on earth makes forget all chaos and trouble of the big cities surrounding the region.

Other than at most festivals, there will be no booked bands. Instead, everyone of us will get the chance to engage in the creation of a unique festival program. You are warmly invited to bring your band, of course, but there will lots of people who would love to jam with you! Jazz or Punk, trumpet or triangle – share what you love. We will provide the beautiful location and all organisational work, but the rest is up to all our wonderful friends and guests.

The decoration and cooking will also be a common task. Therefore: bring all kinds of stuff to DIY all day long in order to make the big closing party look like one of its kind! Food will be prepared in teams, but be sure that there will be enough people so you can enjoy their cooking for most of the time.

In addition to music, short talks, capoeira workshops, acro yoga sessions, or improvisational theatre – everything is more than welcome. We aim for an atmosphere where everyone feels at home and can contribute as much as feels good. In order to make coordination easier for us, let us know what you would like to share. So, please let us know via the contact form, rather sooner than later, what you would like to do so we can save you a time and a place for your action at one of our beautiful locations on the festival-farm!

Trallafitti, Ruhr dialect:

Fun, entertainment; “to go on Trallafitti” – go partying, amuse yourself, spectacle.

In other words: Let’s parteeeey!

As we are a small team and are organizing this in our free time, probably not everything will work out as we plan and there will be changes, but we are doing our very best!


Action plan  Wednesday 22th July is the day of arrival. Put up your tents, get cosy and meet everyone else at a nice bonfire in the evening. Thursday to Saturday, there will be action! Jam sessions, concerts, swimming in the lake, workshops etc. will take place and the decoration for the sweet sweet (boom boom) closing party on Saturday night will be prepared by all of us. Sunday will be “used” for a long hangover-breakfast, a cleaning after-party and for exchanging phone numbers with the new friends you made.

Bad weather  …has officially been counter-ordered. In case we are still unlucky, we will be prepared, so we we can be trallafitti-ing in the rain. Unfortunately, we will have to cancel the festival should there be a storm or other weather extremes.

Closing Party  Days like those on the Trallafitti have to be celebrated adequately! We will decorate so much, that jolly little Fellershof will look like in a fairytale. Those who are experienced in heating up a party with great music – please let us know via the contact form below, we are looking forward to rave to your beats.

Camping  Between moss and apple trees, there will be a place for your tent. It would be great if you could share tents, so all of your festival homes fit onto the meadow. For the special sleeping experience we will set up a big yurt where you can cuddle with your friends and play scouts. Please let us know if you want to sleep in the yurt so we can reserve a spot for you.

Coronavirus  The festival is cancelled. All tickets will be fully reimbursed.

Costs  We want Trallafitti to be a non-profit festival. The price of the ticket is based on the costs for infrastructure, food and investments that are made for the festival. These are the calculation behind every ticket, so our finances of this alternative festival experiment are transparent for everyone.
Logistics and Infrastructure – 4,30 €
CO2 compensation – 1 € per day
Organisational stuff (website, bank account…) – 1,50 €
The world of poop – 4,50 €
Food for helpers and the supporter week – 9,70 €
Food for you – 8 € per day
Investments (party tent, sound systems, lighting…) – 10 €
Electricity – 1 € per day
This amounts to 80 € for a full time ticket or 60 € for a part time one.

Directions  The festival takes place on Fellershof (Fellerstraße 22, 42555 Velbert). Those who are arriving by train, take the S-Bahn to Velbert-Nierendorf and walk the last 15 minutes.

Date  22th to 26th July 2020 we were supposed to be on Trallafitti

Decorativistic work  As mentioned above, the decoration depends on your creativity so that the proper festival spirit can some up. We will collect some beautiful things that can be transformed into fluorescent jellyfish or the like, but the more additional material you bring the more decoration there will be! Paper, colour, scissors, glue, textiles, flowers, old buckets, stinky boots – whatever – bring it!

Drinks  We will provide a range of basic drinks, such as coffee, tea, lemonade, water and beer. It will be there and it will be cold, so you don’t need to drag your own barrels to the farm. Though, we will ask you for a cost-covering donation of about €0.50-1 per drink.

Info from F-Z

Food  Cooking and eating will be a collective thing. The costs for breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in your ticket. All food will be organic and vegetarian while we will provide a vegan option at all times. We will take good care for your hunger to be stilled, but in case you crave for special treats, there is a supermarket a 10 minutes walk away from the farm.

Helping  We are a small festival with only a handful of people who work in their free time to make all this happen. That’s the reason why we need your support with some major tasks – and there are two fantastic opportunities to help us even before the festival begins! In the week before Easter, there will be a preparation week (see Preparation week) where you can stay at the Fellershof for free, and under guidance will help to get the grounds ready.
Additionally, there is the very exciting supporter week. With this option you obligate yourself to arriving a week before the festival and help setting up everything. During the festival you are a normal guest, yet, since you will have gotten to know the locality very well, we will kindly ask you to help everyone who has questions. Don’t worry, you’ll have enough free time to enjoy yourself.
Whether you will be there during the preparation week or support us with the final set up, your help will be an essential part in making this festival happen. So our love and thankfulness will be with you!

Instruments  Bring everything you can carry! Your instrument can be stored safely and will be treated with care. There will be a piano at the festival, other instruments cannot be provided by us unfortunately.

Preparation week  The preparation week is cancelled.

Programme  This year again, we will have a DIY program. We are already looking forward to enjoy all of your talents and crazy ideas. You can come as a band or as someone looking for a band, you can jam at the bonfire or rage the stage, you can do acoustic improvisations in the afternoon sun or serve heavy beats at the closing party. More than welcome are also non-musical contributions such as workshops or talks. Generally everything is possible because we want a wide variety of offers available to everyone. Please inform us via the form below what you would like to do, so we can coordinate your contributions.

Sanitary installations  There will of course be toilets and showers. Those who love the smell of nature can refresh themselves in the nice little swimming lake.

Terms and Conditions  So far we do not have an English translation of them but we’re working on it! For now, you can check out our German AGBs or can ask us if there are specific aspects bothering you via the contact form.

Tickets  will be fully reimbursed.


We love to hear from you!

Via this contact form you can register for the preparation week, book tickets, inform us about your contribution to the program, notify us about the instruments and decoration material that you will bring, or just ask for more details.

Please let us know whether you want a full time or part time ticket when booking one.